• Tomorrow Is Another Day
  • Tiptoe Gently
  • Go Slow
  • When In Rome
  • These Boots Are Made For Walkin
  • Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfast
  • Look Out Up There
  • Penthouse Serenade
  • You're A Heavenly Thing
  • When I'm With You
  • I Can't Change You (redux)
  • Get Here
  • I Know You Oh So Well


Vintage $20.00 Autographed?

Mahogany Records

Neil Tesser and Mark Ruffin reviewed Vintage on their radio show. We have an MP3 of the review available. Click here to listen.


Hadley Tituss (Jazz Rendezvous)

...Kathy Kosins has got to be one of the best jazz vocalists around. Her warm, sensuous voice wraps itself round the notes the song and the result is hot chocolate dynamite!!

Joe Klopus Review
The Kansas City Star

Singer's background comes to the fore Kathy Kosins' style emerges from household sound

Neil Tesser and Mark

Ruffin reviewed Vintage on their radio show. We have an MP3 of the review available.

Paula Edelstein Review
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

Paula is back to review Vintage.

JazzTimes Magazine

"Three years after her widely acclaimed Mood Swings, Detroit chanteuse Kathy Kosins is taking big steps backward-but in a good way."

New York Times

Ms. Kosins's nonstandard choice of standards is almost as winsome as her easygoing, swinging style...

Scott Yanow
All Music Guide

Kathy Kosins has a fine expressive voice and she is joined by a top-notch sextet, but the real star of this set are the songs

Chris DiGirolamo

If Jazz had four seasons, Kathy Kosins would be spring. Something to look forward to, something budding, and most of all something just down right distinct.

By John Stevenson

On Vintage, Kathy Kosins plunges into a rarely explored area of standards, and emerges with a handful of well-crafted melodic pearls. Her alluring bring to lightly swinging "Tiptoe Gently". A teasing, sensual approach comes across to good effect on Russell Garcia's "Go Slow", where Kathy drags seductive lyrics across a decelerated tango.

Midwest Record Recap

Continuing to fight the good fight for recognition, her first set in three years finds Kosins with wider exposureand distribution and an album of oldies you probably never heard. Digging into the past for a flock of songs that time has past by, as well as a few surprises that she manages to make fit right. A dazzling jazz singer that has that something extra that was made to be appreciated, Kosins has got it going on and you should get on the train. Hot stuff.

Will Friedwald

I wasn't expecting to fall in love with a new female vocal album, but I wound up staying the night.

Mark Stryker

The aptly titled "Vintage" represents the best work yet by Kathy Kosins, a Detroit jazz singer with a sharp ear for obscure material and a taste for A-list accompanists...

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