By Chris DiGirolamo - Inside Connection

“If Jazz had four seasons, Kathy Kosins would be spring. Something to look forward to, something budding, and most of all something just down right distinct. Kosins new release "Vintage" is not just another jazz vocal effort. This collection of thirteen musical classics puts Kosins on the map with other top jazz female vocalists. Actually, the others should follow her direction! Joined by some of the best young lions in the business, this release can't help but take hold of the listener. From the opening notes of "Tomorrow is Another Day", musicianship is defined. Kosins has a voice that creates mood like no other. She signs her name on each track. "Tiptoe Gently", "When in Rome", and a one of a kind version of "These Boots are Made for Walking" are shining examples of this songstress. A solid release is never without back up from those involved. Peter Bernstein's guitar work shows why he is one of the tops in the business. He allows Kosins to sing over smooth changes throughout. Eric Harland on drums continues his drive on being one of the finest drummers on the bandstand. Not every drummer knows how to play behind a vocalist, but Harland understands his craft. "Vintage" closes out with "When I'm with You" and "Get Here" to leave you wanting more. From A to Z, Kosins is a vocalist who shines her light on an area of music that hasn't had much sun in some time. - Chris DiGirolamo“