Mood Swings

by Paula Edelstein, Sounds of Timeless Jazz

“With this performance, we can welcome Kathy Kosins into the elite group we call “jazz divas!!”
– Kevin Mahogany

Jazz singing sensation, Kathy Kosins bursts onto the national jazz scene with MOOD SWINGS. Her debut for the Chiaroscuro Jazz label features 11 songs, 7 which were co-written by Kosins, and dig this…she does a jazzed-up rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady!” Now that’s a first. Kosins’ voice is rich, filled with that rare combination of range and resonance. Her phrasing on this song is what gives it such a fresh take…no screeching guitar lines, just cool jazz stylings for voice and guitar. The three-time ASCAP award winning songwriter with over 200 compositions to her name, is accompanied by Howard Levy and Larry Nozaro as well as many accomplished Chicago and Detroit-based musicians. Opening with “I Was There,” her homage to Bud Powell, Lester Young, and the vibrant Paris jazz scene of the 50s, Kosins’ voice reaches out to her audience and immediately wraps them in her ambiance. Her bossa nova take on another original, “Paradise” features a harmonic blend of jazz and Brazilian music that glides across the room straight to your heart. This romantic rendition just does it for me. “Love Me Like A Song” is another great romantic composition from Kosins’ prolific pen and substantiates her romantic side quite beautifully. Kathy Kosins captures the many moods, nuances and styles of swing, soul, blues, and bop throughout this excellent CD. MOOD SWINGS couldn’t have been a more fitting choice for the title and with the voice, versatility and talent of Kosins at the helm, these moods are carried off by one of the finest singers in the world. Pick up a copy at