The Space Between

Released 2013.

Track Listing

  1. Drowning In A Sea Of Love
  2. Song For My Father
  3. Don’t Be On The Outside
  4. Spring Is Where You Are
  5. You’d Better Love Me While You May
  6. You Fascinate Me So
  7. Social Call
  8. I Keep Going Back To Joe’s
  9. You Were Only Passing By
  10. Go Slow (Live At The Jazz Standard)
  11. Night Bird (In Summer)


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On her latest CD The Space Between, Kosins brings a sense of originality to every standard she approaches. Standout tracks include her soulful version of a rather obscure show tune called “You’d Better Love Me While You May.” Kosins also convincingly covers “I Keep Going Back To Joe’s,” a great tune first popularized by Nat King Cole.

Capital Public Radio

Jazz vocalist Kathy Kosins takes on eleven contemporary ballads for The Space Between. Tamir Hendelman (p), Robert Hurst (b) and Eric Harland (d, perc) provide string support with Larry Koonse (g) appearing on two selections. There is a chill mix of “Night Bird” that will delight the club set while the majority of the music is jazzy blues. Among the best are “Song For my Father” and “You Fascinate Me So”. Kathy stays within a sweet range that imparts enough style and emotion to make these tunes sizzle.

O’s Place Jazz

This time around, she brings together some of LA’s best artists (Tamir Hendelman/p, Bob Hurst/b, Eric Harland/dr, Larry Koonse/g) for a collection of tunes that go more towards the soul and R&B side of jazz.

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

It’s been several months since retro jazz diva Kathy Kosins brought her mid-century vocal sound to the Bay Area, so we’re especially excited for her upcoming series of gigs in Sonoma County later this month.

Adam Martin, the CA Modernist

“… The Space Between, acknowledges her past while providing a glimpse into her future creative direction. It is one of Kosins’ most meaningful recordings in that it features songs that are evidence of the prominent Jazz and R&B influences that she projects in her music.”

Sounds of Timeless Jazz

The aptly titled, new release from Kathy Kosins, “The Space Between,” presents space within songs to breathe, engage, savor, swing and think. With a smart trio guided by pianist/arranger Tamir Hemdelman, and anchored by Robert Hurst and Eric Harland, Kosins’ sings steady as an explorer, with feet on solid jazz ground, set for surprises….

John McCarthy, Jazz Beyond The Sky, Radio Boise KRBX

Kathy Kosins takes a giant step forward in artistic weight class with one of the premier vocal releases for the year with The Space Between.

So I am heading out to my mailbox in anticipation of what sonic treasures the good people at the U.S. Postal Service left in my box. With The Space Between from Kathy Kosins, Christmas came early. The female jazz vocal pack is a tightly clustered group of individuals that more often than not come across as pre-packaged entities straight from the corporate boardroom of whatever media conglomerate they may be signed to that particular week. Kathy Kosins transcends the world of singer to that of vocal artist by not only having a keen ear for giving life to some rarities that may otherwise go unnoticed but her vocals demand your immediate attention. Tone, timing, pitch, phrasing is all there and all spot on.

The musical cast of co-conspirators here are A list and each a legitimate leader in their own right. Perhaps the hottest pianist going in Tamir Hendelman, Bob Hurst on bass, Eric Harland on drums and Larry Koonse on guitar all bring forth a musical synergy with Kosins as the lyrical focal point of this dynamic recording. Two bonus tracks are included with the first, “Go Slow” recorded live at the Jazz Standard and an homage to her critically acclaimed release aptly titled To The Ladies Of Cool. The second track is a perfect vehicle to highlight her deceptively subtle R & B influences with an ambient nu jazz riff on the 1961 Al Cohn tune “Night Bird.” The Space Between is cutting edge when held up to some of her contemporaries for critical review. Never taking the easy road of banging out a dozen standards simply because she can, Kosins weaves her magic as a vocal artist and moves straight to the top of the vocal jazz food chain. To be clear, Kathy Kosins is not one of the better female vocalists you may hear but vocalists period.

Sometimes working as a critic one feels more like an artistic prospector sifting through hundreds of releases to find that one precious stone that has made his own labor of love well worth the effort. There are far too many vocal releases from artists that would be better served saving their money when in fact their future would clearly have them never leaving the club circuit or happy hour at the local Marriott, Kathy Kosins is not one these artists.

Easily on my year end Best of 2013.

Brent Black, Critical Jazz

Did you know “Song for My Father” had words? Apparently Kosins took the time to find that out because there’s no co-write credit with Horace Silver for it. Even when digging in the crates, Kosins keeps it interesting as always, showing herself to be a jazz vocalist that continues to play at the top of her game. More than willing to take risks and go out on limbs to good effect, it’s a solid talent that can take the ordinary out of the ordinary, push the envelope but not let the wheels fall off. She’s got the soul and backing crew to make it all work and fill your ears so nicely. Check it out.

Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review

Jazz singer Kathy Kosins is back with a new record, The Space Between (Little Tootsie/Mahogany Jazz), an album which sees Kosins further explore the places that her infectious, hypnotic purr can take the listener. When she sings “Drowning in a sea of love” during the song of the same name, one could quite happily imagine drowning with her, and that’s only the beginning of the album. As she takes us on the journey of the following ten gorgeous tunes, this critic came to the conclusion that Kosins is some kind of jazz siren….”

Brett Callwood, Detroit Metro Times