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Kathy Kosins is one of Detroit’s finest Soul / Jazz artists to cross the pond to the UK!
I had the pleasure of seeing her perform at Pizza Express Soho and was thrilled to be entertained by such a talent!
Always worth booking to see this wonderful artist perform.

Nigel Fox, Soul Music Radio

Kathy is an artist who consistently delivers addictive soulful jazzy songs and performances. Her work has been appreciated by millions across the world which is no surprise.
Kathy’s unique voice combines a keen sense of jazz phrasing with a gorgeous, deep, soulful tone and added texture.
When you hear a song from this native of Detroit, you know that you’re in for a perfect listening experience.

John Osborn, Jazz FM, London

Ms. Kathy Kosins is one of the very few consummate artists.
After honing her career by singing with and writing with some of the legendary musicians since the early 80’s, Kathy can comfortably put that wealth of expertise to any musical genre straddling the soul, smooth jazz and even the re-emerging AOR genre with astonishing ease.
The clarity of her voice is only matched by the depth of her soul.
She is one of the non-commercial greats!

Steve Ripley, Soulfood Music, UK

Detroit songbird Kathy Kosins’ versatility spans multiple decades and genres

Chris Campbell, WDET, Detroit

“I Gotta Pinch Myself” is a lovely and melodic midtempo cut that spells out how a relationship can be so great that it feels too good to be true—the kind that makes you sing the hook…

Keivu Knox, SoulTracks

…The unique “Ladies of Cool” material that you shared with us was extraordinary on several level…While your arrangements were thematic and evocative of the artists, the show was very much a personalized Kathy Kosins performance. This is a critical touch not lost on the more sophisticated audience members, many of whom have raved about the show.

Ronald B Weber, MD, President & Artistic Director, South Florida JAZZ

Synesthesia is condition in which the separation between a person’s senses breaks down, and the stimulation of one sense leads to an automatic, involuntary experience involving another sense. For Kosins, sounds trigger perceptions of color.

John Cantu, The Ann Arbor News

She delivers natural and sure-pitch with seemingly effortless expression…

Dr. Herbert Wong, Jazz Education Journal

Kathy Kosins represents the many great things happening in vocal jazz today. She is a stellar interpreter, a great songwriter, and a consummate performer.

Arthur White, Director of Jazz Studies, NSU

Kathy Kosins has taken the jazz world by storm.

Cheryl Hughey, Mahogany Jazz

…Kathy Kosins has got to be one of the best jazz vocalists around. Her warm, sensuous voice wraps itself round the notes the song and the result is hot chocolate dynamite!!

Hadley Tituss, Jazz Rendezvous

She has a voice that commands attention, and a band that rewards it. She looks for songs that haven’t been beat to death… Will Friedwald’s notes liken her phrasing to Tony Bennett’s, which seems roughly true, especially on the closing ballads. But she’s hipper than Bennett.

Tom Hull, Village Voice